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Fallout: New Vegas (Xbox) — There’s a whole swath of games from this generation that I missed before, and this is probably one of the most recommended titles of all time. I’ve just gotten out of the gate, but I can see why. From the opening cinematic to the tutorial, this is one of the nicest RPGs I’ve ever played.

Vampire Survivors (Xbox/iOS) — I gave it a shot because I was bored, it was free, and there was a lot of hype. I normally avoid twin-stick shooters and bullet hells, but this is a clever inversion of that formula. All you can do is move the character, who automatically attacks as you move. As you progress, you unlock more and better weapons. It’s very basic and simple, but also engrossing in how it’s never the same, and you’re building up your character each time. The iPhone version features a portrait mode for easy one-thumb play.

How to Stop Anger

“anger is a form of communication, and that communication is nevertheless possible without using anger. We can convey our thoughts and intentions and be accepted without any need for anger. If you learn to understand this experientially, the anger emotion will stop appearing all on its own.”

We can get our thoughts across without anger. Its only use is to facilitate a power struggle.

Excerpt From: Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga. “The Courage to Be Disliked.” Atria, 2018-05-08. Apple Books.