The Festival of the Lost

My first real disappointment with Destiny 2 is that there will be no Festival of the Lost this year. It’s because they launched the PC version the week where the Festival of the Lost should have started, and they don’t want the festival and the launch to happen at the same time, and I get that, but at the same time, if there was ever a year wherein the lost should be celebrated, it would be this one. We just went through an event where we were reminded repeatedly in story of how the Cabal were hunting down and killing lightless guardians.

Plus, the Festival of the Lost marks for me where my Destiny journey really began. I had been playing on and off since January, but it wasn’t until October of 2015 that I really started playing in earnest. I moved the Playstation into my office, hooking it to a port on an external monitor. This allowed me to play more, a lot more. Before, it was hooked up to the TV in the living room, which meant I could only play when everyone else was in bed, and then I had to play with headphones on to keep the noise down. It wasn’t the best way to play.

But when I moved the Playstation to my office, I could play more. I was working in the evening at that point, so I could get my work done early and play the rest of the night. That’s really where my secret life began, my gaming life, the other place where I spent most of my time. And I started really playing Destiny, day in, day out. My friend Mynbruje took me under his wing, helped me level up, helped me figure out my gear. I was able to start raiding.

When I started really getting into Destiny, Festival of the Lost was starting. I was just starting to wrap my head around a lot of Destiny’s extra-story elements, and now all of a sudden the tower was different, and there were these extra quests involving doing things while wearing masks. It was pretty crazy, but it was a lot of fun. The best part was that you got “candy” for doing things, in-game candy that your character could consume for an in game boost or effect.

And then last year, the Sweeper-bot lost its broom. It was stolen, and the poor Sweeper-bot, who had been dutifully sweeping the tower for two years was suddenly standing in the corner with no purpose. Meanwhile, you were able to find the stolen broom and it would turn into a Sparrow that you could race on around the maps. The Plaguelands map had a circular loop in it, and I would race around like it was a track.

I was looking forward to Festival of the Lost this year, and I’m disappointed it was cancelled. It looks like we’ll still have the Festival of the Dawning in December, and I’m sure that SRL (Sparrow Racing League) will make a comeback. And I’m still having a lot of fun with Destiny 2. I just wish the game would give me some candy this year.