Hello, World!

It’s the obligatory first exercise in any computer course, teaching the computer how to say hello, so it feels appropriate to start this blog with something similar. But this is hardly my first go around. I’ve been using computers for almost forty years now, and I’ve been on networks for nearly thirty.

I remember when the web was born, and I remember when Web 2.0 was a thing. I’ve had a blog since before the turn of the century, and man, does that make me sound old.

Just prior to this, I was running an Octopress blog off of my iMac. It would take twenty minutes to render all of the thousands of posts. Before that, I was running a blog using WordPress, and before that, Blogger.

The funny thing is, I was just contemplating a return to the blog. I’ve been increasing unhappy with social media. First it was Facebook, and lately it’s been Twitter. I’ve got some thoughts on this that I’m planing to share later, but suffice to say, they were leading me back to the blog. Before we had Facebook, we had Twitter, and before we had Twitter, we had the blog.

But for right now, I need to learn how to use my new digs, and so “Hello, world!” it is for now, just get my feet underneath me, and get the posting underway.

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