Gogol Bordello at Wooly’s (10/27)

George asked us to go. It’s a band he was excited about, but one we’d never heard of. Gypsy punk.

We went downtown. We thought we were early, and that maybe we’d meet George and Mary for a drink before hand, but by the time we got downtown and found a place to park, we all decided just to meet at Wooly’s. We did get there early enough to scope out a space next to one of the standing tables, which was nice for me, because it meant that I wouldn’t have a stranger next to me on one side, and it would at least give me something to lean against. I got a beer, and Kate got a gin and tonic. George and Mary showed up, and we hung out talking, chatting about kids and George’s trip to India.

Then the opening act started, Lucky Chops. It was basically a brass ensemble with a funky groove, like a younger, hipper Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and they were totally in this 80s groove, with their outfits and the covers they choose to play. I loved it.

Then Gogol Bordello came on. I’m not sure what I expected. It was a loud frenetic show, lots of energy, but I felt like the mix was off. It was hard to make out the lyrics, and the neat instruments, like the accordion and the violin seemed to be buried. But the lead singer is an amazing showman, and the show itself was fun. Kate and I left before it was over. It was late, we were tired, and we both felt we’d gotten our taste of it.