Afternoon Run

I finished the World Boss route I started this morning, and then went to the West Side Piers for a while to mess around. It got a little hairy in there, with all the insta-spawns, but I did find a few more phones. And I got another Caduceus. That’s four yesterday and today, just running open world.

Then I started running HVTs, clearing out most of the dailies. I haven’t really come up with a strategy for cleaning these out. I can’t tell if I should start at the top and work my way down, or work my way up. I know I can handle the challenges on the bottom, and can handle them almost all the way up, but I’m not sure if I can handle the top tier challenges. I got overrun on one recently, though now I know the map better, and I think I have a better place to fall back to.

After doing that for a while, I finished up doing some more West Side Piers, poking around on the east side of the area. Found one more phone, and picked up another WSP combat mission. These are little short challenges that if you complete them, you get a WSP cache, which has a gold or a green, and some division tech. I picked up a lot of greens through the course of the day, but I just tossed them in the stash. I’ll sort through them later.


Open World Boss Route

I found this map on Reddit, showing the locations of the Open World Bosses, named Elites on the Open World Map who you can farm every four or hours or so. I usually start a session running part of this to farm credits and mats. I used this route to level up, as well, getting up to a Gear Score over 280 in a couple of days of running this route.


Morning Run

Bought an exotic, “The Historian”, a marksman’s rifle that has the bullets explode shortly after they hit. Ran The Bullet King, Sorrento, Strings, and Erskine, and did the search and destroy missions along the way.

I got a note when I logged in that I had a GE participation award waiting for me at the Rewards Claim Vendor in the BoO, under the “Resources” tab. I found two chests, but also a bunch of other stuff, including a ton of Division Tech. I have no idea what that’s from.


What’s Changed In The Division

I went back and took another look at how I felt about The Division after playing through Vanilla. My take was that the Dark Zone wasn’t fun for me as a solo player due to the ambiguity of the others players status, i.e., it’s actually always PvP since you have to assume that everyone is out to get you. And other than the Dark Zone, there wasn’t really anything to do other than the first, new Incursion, which was somewhat broken because there was no endgame scale. In order to make it a challenge to the overpowered endgame player, they threw a ton of bullet-sponges at you, which wasn’t that much fun to play.

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