How Free Is Free?

I started playing Warframe for the first time after reading this re-review on PCGamer. I had heard of it a while ago. At least two of my Destiny buddies gave it a whirl during one of Destiny’s many droughts. I usually had something else that was occupying my time when they brought it up, but it was always talked about favorably. Warframe is a free-to-play third person cooperative shooter that’s available for Playstation 4 and other platforms. The whole thing is free, though you can buy the in-game currency with real money, as well as equipment and cosmetics.

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I have an old wooden bird house. I’ve had it for years. My grandfather made it. It’s been hanging in the apple tree outside the kitchen window, more as a decoration really, but this morning I noticed that a house wren was nesting in it, and it made me happy.


God, what a day. I was just reading last night about “spoons“, a unit of psychic energy that you need to overcome obstacles. You only get so many spoons a day, and once you’ve gone through them, then everything becomes a crisis. And man, did I run out of spoons today.


Even when Trump is gone, the corruption of a significant percent of the American population, those with whom we don’t merely disagree on principles and goals, but on reality itself, will be a lingering problem. They are weaponized minds, and their hate, as hate always is, is easily directed. The Republican Party itself now stands for little other than its own grasp on power, and for the domination of this country’s white male Christian-identified minority over the majority of us.

Rebecca Solnit: The Coup Has Already Happened | Literary Hub