Eartha and Patrick

Warburton: Eartha and I had actually worked together before that. We did some horrible movies in South Africa back in 1985 [Dragonard and Master of Dragonard Hill]. Oliver Reed was the villain. Eartha Kitt ran the bordello. I’m the one white slave. Now, I was 22 years old. I rowed crew in college, so I was still in pretty damn good shape. And it’s one of these exploitation-type films. So once they got me up on the blocks, of course, the women have their husbands there, and they’re twirling their parasols, like, “Darling, I want that one.” To reiterate, these are the worst movies ever made. My wish is that nobody would ever see them ever again — because as bad as these movies are, I truly was the worst thing in them. Oliver Reed, who sometimes would start with a little bit of whiskey at 10 in the morning, is really the only watchable thing in them. He was relegated to doing crappy movies like ours because they couldn’t insure a major production with him at the time. Finally, he garnered some trust and they hired him on Gladiator… and he died, making Gladiator, drunk in a bar on the island of Malta. I think he was arm wrestling a rugby teamOn the night of his death, Oliver Reed was indeed goaded into a drinking match against a group of not rugby players, but Royal Navy sailors. (For what it’s worth, he won the arm-wrestling match.) . I might have one of these details wrong. It cost them millions of dollars in post.

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