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All The Way Down

I love reading autistic forums. The other day, someone posted about how they just learned from their brother that they’d been showering wrong this whole time. They’d just been using shampoo to wash their whole body, but their brother set them straight that body wash was for their body and shampoo was just for their hair, and now they felt so stupid for not knowing how to shower properly this whole time.

Where it got good was in the comments, though. I was going to chime in that it wasn’t true, that I just used shampoo as well, and had for years, but so many others had beat me to it. You just need a molecule that’s lipidophilic on one end, and hydrophilic on the other; yeah, someone else chimed in, it’s just sodium laurel sulfate all the way down. Ah, my people, I thought; there’s something comforting about hearing that other people have the same thoughts.