Made a stew

I’ve been trying to cook more seasonally and thread the needle of finding things the kids will eat. Found this stew recipe a couple of weeks ago, and it was tasty but pricey, so I’m trying to recreate it a little bit cheaper.

The days are noticeably getting shorter, and the nights longer. But the house is still feeling cozy. And now more festive.

I’ve been thinking a lot of Christmases Past this year, and something I come back to over and over was this feeling of warmth and security in my home as a child. There were decorations and lights, but what I really remember are the fires in the fireplace, the windows fogging up, warm sweaters, warm robes, warm blankets for snuggling under while you watch the Christmas specials on TV after dinner. Warm mugs of hot cocoa, hot turkey dinners.

I think if there’s anything of my mother’s legacy that I can pass on to my children it would be that feeling of warmth and security at the holidays.

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