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The Inverted AeroPress Method: A Guide – Perfect Daily Grind

Carolina explains that the main difference between the two is how the coffee extracts. Whereas the traditional method pushes water through the coffee (percolation), the inverted method steeps the coffee grounds in water for a longer period of time (immersion). She notes that there is no “right” answer from her point of view, and that it is all down to personal preference and taste.

I was excited to find my AeroPress again, but when I ran out of paper discs, I got a wire mesh washable one. I didn’t read the description closely enough though, so I was surprised to find out that I had to use the inverted method with the wire mesh. The paper keeps the process from happening until you press. The inverted method is kind of complicated, very messy, and I’m not convinced that the coffee is any better, but I think I’m too lazy to order the paper discs.

The Inverted AeroPress Method: A Guide – Perfect Daily Grind