Boyfriend Dungeon

Read this Kotaku article yesterday, and the more I think about it, the more annoyed with it I am. Supposedly, the article aimed to explain the fallout the developer of the game Boyfriend Dungeon was facing. Since I’d heard of neither the game nor the fallout, I thought that this article might educate me, but I was wrong. Near as I can tell, this blog post masquerading as journalism posits that whatever happened to the developer was due to Tumblr ex-pats who have moved to Twitter because Tumblr is dying (news to me) but because of Tumblr’s tagging system there are people who are anti and people who are anti-anti which according to the author actually came from AO3 but AO3 is like Tumblr because it uses tags and that’s where all the problems came from that the developer of Boyfriend Dungeon now faces on which we won’t elaborate.

And maybe this is my old man waving his fist at the sky moment, but I feel like this article was really just a waste of my time. I didn’t learn anything from it. The author spent a lot of time filling me in on how tags work but never explained how tags led to trolls from Tumblr but actually on Twitter to do something to a game developer because of something they didn’t like about the game, which apparently isn’t important.

Except it is. It’s very important because it’s the whole sum of your argument. It’s tremendously important when you are say writing an article for a gaming website instead of a post for your blog. If I read a professional article, I expect a professional article. I’ll go find my half-baked arguments about why things happened on Tumblr.