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    The Amazon Needs The Sahara

    “There are naturally distant transportations of minerals, in fact – the Amazon basin, for example, depends on the annual influx of blown sand from the Sahara Desert to replenish those minerals lost downriver”

    Excerpt From: Halliday, Thomas. “Otherlands.” Random House Publishing Group, 2022-02-01. Apple Books.

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    Real Life

    “I started meeting Autistic people in real life, posting about Autism online, and attending local meetups for neurodiverse people”

    So far, their story has mirrored mine, except I haven’t taken this step. I wonder if I should.

    Excerpt From: Price, Devon. “Unmasking Autism.” Harmony/Rodale, 2022-04-05. Apple Books.

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    Hayden Wesneski Makes the Team

    Asked about Sampson and Assad, Wesneski appeared to get emotional. The pitcher paused for eight seconds, collecting himself and organizing his thoughts, before answering.

    “I’m glad to be on their team,” Wesneski said. “This is a tough spot to be in. I’ve learned a lot from Adrian and Assad. … Those guys are great human beings and they’re just as good of pitchers as they are people.”

    Hayden Wesneski earns spot in Cubs’ Opening Day rotation

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    Almost Looks like One Cat

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    I think I need to streamline things a little. There’s a lot of cruft right now.

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    It Will Stand

    The Latin motto is: Quocunque Jeceris Stabit (“whithersoever you throw it, it will stand”, or “whichever way you throw, it will stand”. This refers to the theoretical aerodynamical properties of the triskele, which will supposedly always have a foot to land on whichever way it lands. The motto dates to 1668 when it is first recorded on coinage of the Isle of Man.

    Coat of arms of the Isle of Man – Wikipedia

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    Tech Layoffs

    These layoffs have nothing to do with “trimming the fat” or correcting the hiring excesses of the lockdown. They’re a project to transfer value from workers, customers and users to shareholders. Google’s layoff of 12,000 workers followed fast on the heels of gargantuan stock buyback where the company pissed away enough money to pay those 12,000 salaries…for the next 27 years.

    Pluralistic: Mass tech worker layoffs and the soft landing

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    Stunning View

    I turned to head back to the shop, and caught sight of this beautiful mesa in the distance.

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    The First Thing I Remember

    The first thing I remember about the world — and I pray that it may be the last — is that I was a stranger in it. This feeling, which everyone has in some degree, and which is, at once, the glory and desolation of homo sapiens, provides the only thread of consistency that I can detect in my life.

           —Malcolm Muggeridge

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    A Mirror

    “For the mind must be interested or absorbed in something, just as a mirror must always be reflecting something”

    The mind has to be thinking

    Excerpt From: Alan Watts & Deepak Chopra. “The Wisdom of Insecurity.” Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2011-11-16. Apple Books.