Two boys huddled like birds on the front step of their house, wrapped in matching hoodies, idly tapping the ground with wooden swords, eying us warily as we pass


Pregnancy test – Wikipedia

At the beginning of the 1930s, Hillel Shapiro and Harry Zwarenstein, who were researchers at the University of Cape Town, discovered that if urine from a pregnant female was injected into the South African Xenopus toad and the toad ovulated, this indicated that the woman was pregnant. This test was used throughout the world from the 1930s to 1960s, with Xenopus toads being exported live in great numbers. Shapiro’s advisor, Lancelot Hogben, claimed to have developed the pregnancy test himself, but refuted by both Shapiro and Zwarenstein in a letter to the British Medical Journal. A later article, independently authored, granted Hogben credit for the principle of using Xenopus to determine gonadotropin levels in pregnant women’s urine, but not for its usage as a functional pregnancy test.

Seriously, that’s some mad scientist territory right there. What else did they inject into toads to see what would happen?


Is anyone else having an oh crap I need to do this NOW moment when it comes to creative stuff? Not like out of fear for my mortality, but somehow the anchors of the world have come unmoored at the moment, and everything is shifting.


Autistic Twitter

I posted something about my Autism to Twitter the other morning. I’ve been really amazed by the autistic community on Twitter, and it is getting me more into using Twitter as my social media. I’d already been getting into it more by switching from Tweetbot to the official Twitter client, thanks to a recommendation from one of the MacStories podcasts, though I don’t remember which one. Adapt? Connected? Does it matter?
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Look, I know we agreed to stop eating and drinking after each other after that bout of stomach flu raced through all four of us in this house, but bacon is bacon.