Study Challenges Assumptions About Social Interaction Difficulties in Autism – News Center – The University of Texas at Dallas

“It’s not just that autistic adults can struggle to infer the thoughts and motivations of typically developing adults, which has been well documented; the reverse is true as well. Non-autistic people struggle to infer what autistic people are thinking,” Sasson said. “Anecdotally, many autistic people often report better quality of social interaction when engaging with other autistic people. We set out to test this empirically.”


It just occurred to me that my love for cartoons when I as kid might have been due to emotions being very easy to decode in cartoons. Or it might have been because cartoons are cool.


My People

I got approached by an autism aggregate blog to list my blog, which is neat. I filled out the form, but they said it might take a week to get added, which is fine. That same day, my blog got more views in a single day than ever before, but also more spam comments.

Still, this is what I was hoping for when I became more active on here. While I may have left Facebook, I am still looking for communities, and people to interact with. I’m hoping that more traffic might drive some conversations about things I’ve posted, but also it was nice to look at the list and find other personal blogs about autism to follow and read.


Letters to Sarah

I used to write letters to people. Way back when, before mail went electronic, before we had computers in our pockets, I would put pen to paper and write letters to my friends. These were people whom I used to be close with, who were now far away from me. Long distance phone calls were expensive, and saved for calling home. I would write and try to explain to my friends what was happening to me, and doing this regularly would force me to process a lot of the stuff I was thinking about and learning.

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