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I got approached by an autism aggregate blog to list my blog, which is neat. I filled out the form, but they said it might take a week to get added, which is fine. That same day, my blog got more views in a single day than ever before, but also more spam comments.

Still, this is what I was hoping for when I became more active on here. While I may have left Facebook, I am still looking for communities, and people to interact with. I’m hoping that more traffic might drive some conversations about things I’ve posted, but also it was nice to look at the list and find other personal blogs about autism to follow and read.

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The Shortest Longest Days

These are the shortest days of the year. You get up before the sun, which sets before you’re done with work. But they feel so long, filled with an unending series of tasks, so many things clamoring for your attention.

I took Friday off to watch the boys because they were out of school. I started Monday out already in the hole, but now, by the end of Tuesday, I’m pretty well caught up. One of the boys had a piano recital; the other has stomach flu. The Holiday Trip to Illinois looms on the horizon.

I’m looking forward to finding the few moments I can to decompress before we get into the craziness of next week.


Paul Sougy’s Vintage Scientific Illustrations for French Schools

In the 1940s, Paul Sougy — a curator of natural history at the science museum of the French city of Orléans, and a gifted artist — was commissioned by the estate of the pioneering 18th-century French naturalist and anatomist Louis Thomas Jérôme Auzoux to create a series of illustrations based on Auzoux’s work, to be used in textbooks, workbooks, transparencies, and large-scale educational charts for classroom walls.


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Back to The Blog

This post by Kimberly Hirsh got me thinking about this poor little blog, sitting here unloved. I’ve been busy. More like I’ve been hiding. I wasn’t really busy, which made it easy to hide and retreat from the world. Now I’m busy. Now I have to be present.

I found a game to hide in, but it wasn’t the one I was expecting. A couple of months ago, I was between games, desperately looking for something to occupy my mind. I decided to check out Fallout 76 again. Two months and three hundred hours later, I’m glad I did.

My friends gawk at me in disbelief when they ask what I’m playing. And honestly, it’s a hard game to recommend to others. Sometimes, you fall in love and can’t explain it. Sure, there are faults, but there’s something there that you can see that others can’t.

But the real world is calling, and I’ve got a lot of work to do. The problem is that my brain still needs something to nibble on. I’m hoping that this blog and this website can fill that void.