Pregnancy test – Wikipedia

At the beginning of the 1930s, Hillel Shapiro and Harry Zwarenstein, who were researchers at the University of Cape Town, discovered that if urine from a pregnant female was injected into the South African Xenopus toad and the toad ovulated, this indicated that the woman was pregnant. This test was used throughout the world from the 1930s to 1960s, with Xenopus toads being exported live in great numbers. Shapiro’s advisor, Lancelot Hogben, claimed to have developed the pregnancy test himself, but refuted by both Shapiro and Zwarenstein in a letter to the British Medical Journal. A later article, independently authored, granted Hogben credit for the principle of using Xenopus to determine gonadotropin levels in pregnant women’s urine, but not for its usage as a functional pregnancy test.

Seriously, that’s some mad scientist territory right there. What else did they inject into toads to see what would happen?


3 Problems Starting or Keeping a Task System | Being Productive

There is likely some truth to the sentiment that strength is about pushing limits. But there is also an important second part. Once limits are discovered, strength is also about respecting those limits. After all, there are forces much greater than ourselves. It is better to find some relationship with them, rather than believe we can defeat them by some tyranny of will. When we respect limits and what they represent, we also free resources for making things happen, oftentimes more in tune with our environments and ourselves.


Autistic in the Pandemic: A Call to Action

What I’d like you to consider doing: write a poem, letter, essay, paragraph, sentence, bullet list or record a video or audio statement or create a work of art or music or photography—in some way express yourself to others on this theme: how I have learned to take care of myself when I’m alone.

Takes the joke of autistics have been practicing for this for years and turns it on its head: if you have, then share what you’ve learned for those who haven’t.


‘I was labelled ‘rude’ and ‘argumentative’… then i found out i’m autistic’

“The ultimate success would be to pursue passions not according to the measurements of [what is regarded as ‘normal’], but according to intrinsic autistic functionality. It would be to find your ‘self’ and to be accepting and respectful of it.”

Sounds easy enough. It is refreshing to hear other voices echoing what I’m trying to do, though.


Covid and Coffee

On Feb. 27, Nicola Zingaretti, leader of one of the two main parties in Italy’s government coalition and head of the Lazio region, which includes Rome, posted on Instagram a photo of himself clinking glasses with other people in a Milan pub. “Let’s not lose our habits, we can’t shut down Milan and Italy. Our economy is stronger than fear: Let’s go out for an aperitif, a coffee or a pizza,” he urged.

On Saturday, Mr. Zingaretti said he had become infected with Covid-19.

This was from an article in The Wall Street Journal. I was going to create a citation for it, but I lost track of the article and couldn’t find it again.